Thursday, May 25, 2006

CFL update--pricing

I finally received the shipment of 23Watt CFLs (100W equivalent) that I ordered on ebay about 10 days ago. I was happy about the price/bulb at the time (~ $4 per) the lowest price I had seen. Of course I made the cardinal mistake of continuing to search for bulbs after purchasing a case of 24 bulbs...can you guess what I found?

Exactly, I found 25W CFL bulbs for $3 each!

Since I already had a case of 100W equivalents on the way, I thought I'd sample a 24 bulb case of 13W (60W equivs) for about $2.75 per (with S&H). The next day the vendor emailed me to inform me that I lived about 1.5 miles away and I accepted the offer to have the bulbs hand delivered to my building that evening. I call that service!
In case anyone is interested in inexpensive CFL bulbs check out this vendor. You don't need to order a case to get a good price. At this time I cannot comment on the quality or longevity of the bulbs...they only just arrived...except that they all seem to be in working order.

At $3 bulb, every frequently used incandescent bulb should be replaced. The payback in energy savings for a 25W bulb is less than 500 hours of use (100 days if you use your light for 5 hours/day).


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