Sunday, July 16, 2006

Solar water distiller

I posted an entry a couple months ago about the global water crisis.

Over the last few years I have been inventing/developing a portable solar water distiller. The idea is to create a low cost product that allows a small family to purify drinking water each day. While progress has been slow, I am making progress. The device produced 3.25 liters (0.85 gallons) in a day last summer in northern IL, a big increase over the prior year's production of 1.25 liters. I'm now roughly 40% of the way to my goal of 2 gallons/day which should serve a small family's drinking needs. I believe 2 gallons/day represents a viable threshold for a marketable product.

Distillation is a great way to purify drinking water, since it cleans up nearly any water pollutant, from removing salt from seawater to removing biologicals from surface water.


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