Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Point Rolling Stone

I can't at the moment remember if I commented on Rolling Stone's recent 40 year anniversary issue which was chock full of great interviews with music icons, movie icons and politicians involved in the late 1960s. Anyway it was well worth a read.

This week's Rolling Stone does a wonderful job of advancing the debate on what we can do about global warming. In one article RS interviews Al Gore to get his analysis of how America can respond to the looming climate crisis. In another RS explores the Bush Administrations actions to stall/obfuscate/deny our understanding of global warming. The expose lays bare the fact that ideology has trumped science in 'W's White House, honestly the article makes you wonder who our government works for. In an essay Robert Kennedy considers several actions that our country can (indeed must--in one form or another) take to transition away from fossil fuels, while strengthening our economy and enhancing our environment.


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