Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I don't know why I even listen anymore...

I was astonished by the audacity of our dear leader's re-interpretation of history today.

Somehow the lesson Bush learned from Vietnam was that after the US withdrew, thousands of people died. Never mind the millions we killed and the 50,000+ US troops that died over 15+ years. Or that the domino theory of communism never occurred...which might lead one to question the assertion that we must win in Iraq at any cost...sigh there are so many things wrong with Bush's analysis I don't know where to start...Olbermann has five.

As quoted from the BBC "The price of America's withdrawal was paid by millions of innocent citizens," he told war veterans in Missouri.

Is Bush that crazy or does he think we are that stupid?
He makes it sound like the tragedy only started the day we left when in fact 80% of the victims were dead the day we withdrew, even allowing Bush's shaky analysis that it was our withdrawal from Vietnam that caused the Cambodia genocidal regime...many argue that it was our interference/meddling that actually gave rise to Pol Pot.
On the other hand he does a wonderful job of quoting Bin Laden and Zawahiri's threats against the US. Telling us "we must listen to the words of our enemy. We must listen to what they say."
Since when does the President of the United States of America go around regurgitating terrorist propaganda?
I mean Jesus H. CHRIST this guy didn't even listen to Tony Blair, one of his closest allies/cheerleaders in this whole Iraq misadventure.
Why do we have to listen to Bush repeat the threats of our enemies? Shameful scare tactics.
Damn it all, I'm starting to think Bush is really bat-shit-insane.
If one were to listen to Bin Laden at all, the take aways would be what were his motivations for attacking the US (with the goal of figuring out ways to counter/diffuse Al-Queda concerns) not to quote Bin Laden's wet fantasies of destroying the west or his ridiculous threats against us.


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