Thursday, March 06, 2008

How can you tell when G.W. Bush is lying?

It is not the least bit funny, but there was that old joke about how can you tell when a lawyer is lying...punchline: when his lips move.

In case anyone still listens to G.W. this just proves that there MUST be two Americas...because:

"America is in the lead when it comes to energy independence; we’re in the lead when it comes to new technologies; we’re in the lead when it comes to global climate change — and we’ll stay that way."

check out the video on Think Progress

Even G.W. had to pause before he could mouth that first lie...which is a blatant whopper. The middle part is obviously a debatable point as we are importing wind mills from Europe and solar panels from China--but this is something that everyone in the US certainly believes or wants to believe. And the last is certainly true, but not in the way the president said it, or in the way any rational person would interpret it (especially at WIREC). We ARE leading leading global climate change...the wrong way!

There must be some deep psychological trick that Rove figured out to this speech pattern. Huge lie, followed by deeply felt belief, followed by twisted statement that implies the opposite of what is said. The result is such intense cognitive dissonance that the audience is left fixated on the one part they know/believe to be true, blocking out rational processing of the other parts of the sentance.


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