Saturday, October 11, 2008

Latest panel data

I had a chance to test out my 1/2 size demonstration panel today--it now has a cover and sides.

On a 25C ambient sunny October afternoon, I measured a temperature of 70C inside my panel versus 50C on the standard panel.

The good news is that my panel generated 26.3W versus 20.5W on the standard panel. 28.3% more power...And my panel had an extra 3/8 inch polycarb sheet over the cells absorbing sun that the standard panel did not.

The power breakdown: my panel 5.46A, 4.82V; standard 4.11A, 4.99V.

When I first put my panel in the sun I measured 5.13V, but as my panel heated up the voltage dropped a little over 6% to 4.82V.


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