Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Digital Photography and Visualization

So last night the news was that the guys that developed the technology for digital photography and one who developed high(er) purity fiber optics used in communications share this year's Nobel Prize in Physics. This combination of technologies has led to a revolution in digital imaging and communications over the past couple decades.

It seems fitting that one company, now at the center of the internet and how we communicate, is devoloping tools for us to visualize how the earth will look in the coming decades as the planet heats up. Because we are such a visual-centered society, I hope this can get more people involved and working toward solutions.

I've only had time to check out the opening video, but Google Earth and the IPCC are making available some super cool tools for seeing what the impact of global warming may be. And they launched a YouTube channel on the topic of climate change and the upcoming Copenhagen meeting. They even have a contest where the best viewer generated videos will be played on CNN.


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