Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Chicago Clean Power Coalition Event April 13th 2010

If you are interested in reducing pollution from coal burning plants in Chicago please come to an event on April 13th. There is going to be a press conference at 10am on the 2nd floor of City Hall--and the coalition wants to gather as many supporters as possible. Even a few extra people will make a difference.

I just learned about this earlier in the week and think the coalition is taking exactly the right steps! (I've copied information about the coalition below in case you are not already familiar with them.) You can join the group on Facebook, by tying in "Chicago Clean Power" or clicking here:!/group.php?v=info&ref=mf&gid=108629589167236

The Chicago Clean Power Coalition is a growing coalition of individuals and organizations campaigning to create a sustainable and clean energy economy for metropolitan Chicago.

The goals of the Clean Power Campaign are to:

* Reduce emissions from Fisk and Crawford generating stations, Chicago’s two coal-fired power plants (specifically particulate matter and CO2).

* Support increased renewable energy installations and energy efficiency in buildings citywide.

* Advocate for green job development and training programs to install renewables, retrofit buildings to be more energy efficient, and manufacture components for clean energy technologies.

You can join the Coalition at

or Just check us out at


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