Thursday, April 27, 2006

A lapse counting laps

I like to swim for exercise, about 1 mile 3 times a week. This means swimming back and forth about 40 times. The problem I have is that after about 5 minutes of swimming my mind starts to wander and I lose count. This happens a lot and it is frustrating. I could just swim for a set length of time I suppose, but when I try that, I believe that I swim at a slower speed. I wish there were an easy to use (& inexpensive) counter that I could use. A simple digital counter (waterproof of course) with a button I could tap every time I complete a lap. I would swim more if I had a counter b/c it is fun to let one's mind wander...I find some really good ideas bubble up.

Update 5/9/06: I just discovered a potential lap counting solution thanks to Steve's Inventing... blog called getswimming. I ordered one up and will report back how it works. This problem has been bugging me for years.


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