Monday, August 21, 2006

A simple demonstration of the 90 degree + cell principle

The improved solar module, I've invented and want to see widely adopted, will have the mirrors and cells at a 90 degree angle to each other inside the module.

But to help conceptualize the idea, I've placed a mirror at 90 degrees to a module (i.e. on the outside) as a quick and dirty way to demonstrate how the principle could work. The module that I used for these photos was an Australian made SLIVER (TM) panel (14" x 18") rated at 10W that I bought earlier this summer...because it sounded cool.

I measured the amps generated using 1) just the panel and 2) using the panel + mirror. After adjusting each arrangement to maximize the amp reading, I got 1) 0.71 A and 2) 0.94 A which represents about a ~30% boost from using the mirror + panel.

Both figures are above the 0.61 A rating and the 0.7 A short circuit current listed on the panel.

Edit: Oops the pictures seem to be in 2) then 1) order which is clearly backwards...sorry.


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