Friday, August 11, 2006

Wearing a bit thin...

The New York Times, Think Progress, and many others are pointing out that good old fashioned police work on the part of the Brits foiled yesterday's plot. Moreover it demonstrates the flaw in believe that if we fight them in Iraq or Iran or wherever, that we won't have to deal with them here. Thanks again to the Brit's we dodged this try but we must continue to do more prepare here at home, something made harder by the commitment of resources in Iraq.

I suppose it is only natural for the Republicans to try to take credit...although as far as I can see the only credit they deserve is for scaring the bejeebus outta everyone yet again. Oh that and yesterday's new security measures which are designed to maximally inconvenience everyone. Implementing real security measures would require serious investments in systems and equipment around the country (we are doing this oh oh so slowly), but at that point the evil-doer will find the next weakest link.

I do distinguish real security from cosmetic security measures like banning nail clippers, water, toothpaste, and shampoo (do they suffer from hygiene envy?) and making us shuffle barefoot and beltless through metal detectors. I also consider it cosmetic to use plastic-ware in place of metal-ware and then serve toothpicks and wine in glass bottles. Whatever damage you can do with a metal fork you can do with a toothpick, and whatever damage you can do with a butter knife you could do more with a broken glass bottle. Sigh, I consider real security inspecting all air cargo and ship freight/cargo, restricting or scanning fluids that are open (i.e. not sealed) and do not pass the sniff test (i.e. look and smell like what they ought to).
Perhaps I'm suffering from the assumption that precautions should be rational.

In any event, I don't see how the war in Iraq has done anything to advance (our side of) the so called "war on terror". I see many ways that it has helped the other side (stretched our military, budget, and international credibility--and a massive human toll as well). I am not denying that many people are bent on damaging or destroying America, our military superiority, or much of what we stand for. I just believe there are better, more effective ways to isolate and stop them, than the path the US has chosen these last 5 years.


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