Friday, December 29, 2006

2006 reading list

That last post reminded me that I haven’t mentioned that I enjoy reading science fiction. This year I read nearly 20 well regarded works (and a couple just for fun), mostly in the first half of the year. A few years ago I drew up a list of all Hugo and Nebula award nominees (stretching back 40 years), and I’m working my way down the list as I find the books and the time.

Among those I read this year: The Void Captain’s Tale (by Norman Spinrad), The Demolished Man (Alfred Bester), Sister Light, Sister Dark (Jane Yolen), The Road to Corlay (Richard Cowper), Way Station (Clifford Simak) The Star Fox (Poul Anderson), Omega (Jack McDevitt), Lord of Light (Roger Zelazny), And Choas Died (Joanna Russ), The Escape Orbit (James White), The Wanderer (Fritz Lieber), The Stranger (Gordon Dickson), Diplomatic Immunity (Lois McMaster Bujold), The Year of the Quit Sun (Wilson Tucker), Half Past Human (T.J.Bass), Bug Jack Barron (Norman Spinrad) and several from one of my favorite authors of the last few years…The Moon’s Shadow, Ascendant Sun, The Quantum Rose, Spherical Harmonic, Skyfall (all by Catherine Asaro) and although not precisely science fiction The DaVinci Code (Dan Brown).

Other thought provoking books I read include Solar Revolution, The Great Turning, The Divine Right of Capital and while not yet finished (I’m 60% through) WorldChanging which is quite a resource.

I also read a bunch of magazines from high brow weeklies like the Economist, and Barrons to Rolling Stone, to monthlies Scientific America, National Geographic, Fast Company, Business 2.0, Solar Today, Physics Today, and OPN.


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