Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A sigh of relief

I spent a bunch of time making get out the vote calls for Move-On over the past days/weeks. Watching election returns yesterday I was happy that I got involved, even before it became clear how close the races really were. America is developing a curse similar to the ancient Chinese "may you live in interesting times." Ours goes "may you live in a hotly contested voting district". The smears, attack ads, outright lies, muck and phone calls (guilty as charged) together go beyond annoying and certainly approach obnoxious.

While the House has changed over to Democratic control and the Senate hangs in the balance pending recounts, I am nevertheless mindful of how sharply divided our country is. Despite all the corruption, wasteful spending and incompetence of this abysmal rubber stamp congress, many races remain too close to call, depending on a few thousand votes one way or the other.

While I would love nothing more than to go after the administration and nail them to the wall for their deceit and crimes against humanity, the Dems would be far wiser to focus their energy on changing the course of our economy and achieving a dignified retreat in Iraq. Four years ago, the Republicans took a narrow victory and pretended it was a mandate, yesterday they were punished for that, Dems will have to push a more positive agenda if they wish to build on their gains in '08.

With all the (thankfully contained) insanity about new electronic voting machines and widespread glitches, I ran across a really good blog post about voting by mail. While I am a true-blue techie...this may be one place where a thousands of years old (cheap!) technology delivers a safer way to vote and be sure your vote counts.


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