Friday, October 27, 2006

1/2 year of blogging

This is just to note that I've been blogging for 0.5 years!

This is my 72nd post which means I'm averaging one post every 2.5 days.

I'll likely have more to say after I attend Inquest Iraq at Northwestern's School of Law in downtown Chicago tomorrow, but I wanted to say that this group (with help from the American Friends Service Committee) has drawn together a great set of people to speak out in favor of a more humane and rational (and peaceful) approach to resolving the Iraq War. The event draws together a former CIA analyst, a US diplomat, an Iraqi doctor, an Iraqi peace activist and several Iraq War Veterans (among others) to provide a firsthand account of the impact of the invasion and occupation on both soldiers and Iraqi people.

Tonight I got to hear several of those people involved explain briefly some of their own personal stories as well as what and why they are advocating that the US change course in Iraq ASAP. If anyone (in Chicago) has time to attend Inquest Iraq tomorrow I strongly urge you to do so.


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