Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A neighbor climbs on the CFL boat

After the last post disparaging hope, it occurred to me that just this weekend something rather hopeful happened.

A neighbor of my parents came over for a visit. This neighbor has been a huge help over the years since he is very handy. He got some very bad news earlier this summer, when he found out that he had cancer (stage 3 pancreas or something like it). My parents think he may have only a few months left...

In any event this neighbor perked up when he saw me and explained that he had just bought 25 CFLs and installed them around his home. He knew I'd replaced 100 bulbs with CFLs in July. Of course I really felt great that he was following "my" example...but more than that, here is a guy who has lived a simple country life (loves to hunt and fish) and now is basically counting the days.

And what is he doing with his time? Buying CFLs and installing them around the house. I guess that is as hopeful as it gets.


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