Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on recyled paper products

A couple weeks back I put up a post about my joining a boycott of consumer paper products.

I automatically assumed that I would have to give up performance/quality for recycled feel gooding. I was stunned to quickly find a recycled TP that is BETTER than the major tree-killer brands. (Believe me, I figured recycled TP would be the LAST product I'd embrace!)

Earth First recycled TP (2-ply) performs better than Charmin or Scott. Getting 2-ply is important (at least for how I use TP) as I found a single ply recycled from Marcel to be next to useless. Better performance and eco-feel gooding...can't beat that!

I'd rate Earth First paper towels as ok, I like Fiesta a bit better simply because they feel more like I'm accustomed to paper towels feeling. Either one works as well as I've needed for day to day stuff. I don't typically make (or find) daily messes, but every few weeks I'll be glad to have a roll of paper towels handy. I've also tried Earth First napkins (my supermarket only carries one brand of recycled--lol) and they are not great. I mean I'm real happy to be using recylced napkins, but I definately notice the performance drop...of course these were 1-ply recycled napkins so maybe its just a matter of finding 2-ply napkins.

I've been anxious to share what I've learned and my success such as it is with recycled paper products.

Edit 9/26/06: Gristmill has some discussion of recycled TP if you want more options:


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