Monday, September 11, 2006

My remembrance

Five years ago we witnessed a terrible tragedy. We were hurt, although none so deeply as those who lost family members, loved ones and lifelong friends. We were shocked, I mean could what we were seeing ACTUALLY be happening? We were why? for what possible reason? We were overwhelmed, how on earth do you evacuate a 110 story building? let alone go about finding survivors in that wreckage? The scale and scope was so monstrous, the attack so seemingly random, although clearly purposeful, and the destruction so utter and complete that everyone was forced to reconsider reality. So many people were involved directly and indirectly that everyone around the country had a relative or a friend or a friend of relative that was affected. In the days that followed those of us not in New York watched on TV the Herculean task of search and rescue and later recovery teams sifting through the rubble. We were more than onlookers or voyeurs because we also grieved as a city of survivors coped and recovered from the most incredible attack of our lives.

We also witnessed (and indeed participated in--although again diluted by distance) an incredible spirit of camaraderie and openness, sharing and oneness. Our hearts went out to the widow, the orphan, the heroic policewoman and firefighter whose partner had fallen with the twin towers, just the way we would if they lived next door or down the street in our own community. In the face of indefinable hatred, unimaginable sorrow and pain, out of these shattered lives, and bittersweet acts of courage, Americans everywhere (and many too from other nations) came together and forged a psychic whole indivisible, determined to recover, rebuild and remember. Never again, we vowed, would we allow ourselves to be surprised by such outrageous and vile acts. We would hold those responsible to account!


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