Sunday, August 27, 2006

One step down the Recycle path

Please humor me a bit, I'm new to this whole environmental purchasing action thingy.

Inspired by a recent post on Treehugger about a boycott of Kimberly-Clark by Greenpeace called Kleercut, I'm joining. Kleenex is one of KC's biggest brands, and KC is not using Post-Consumer Recycled paper (a.k.a recycled paper!) in its Kleenex products, nor does it use a chlorine free bleaching process, at least according to the NRDC's guide to home tissue products. In fact almost none of the big branded consumer product paper companies are. Greenpeace is concerned about some Canadian old growth forest and sustainable harvest practices or something. I'm concerned, but I'm not that concerned about that particular forest or its vintage...what I am concerned with is using less energy and water and reducing pollution etc. Using my buying power to get a major brand to incorporate more Post-Consumer recycled content in their paper towels, napkins, tissues and TP seems like one reasonable way to achieve this (or just maybe I'll be helping to build the next big brand). So far the Atlantic Fiesta brand roll of paper towels that I (was surprised to) find at an indie convenience mart looks like its gonna be an ok replacement. Looking for suggestions on recycled TP...

I'm also paying attention to the printer paper that I buy, the latest batch I bought has 30% recycled content...for about the same price as non-recycled, under an International Paper brand. Is that Post-Consumer recycled? Or did I get green-jacked? I'm looking for recommendations on higher recycled content brands.

Much more to do Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...


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