Monday, February 05, 2007

What is wrong with the budget?

I am simply flabbergasted.

From a Yahoo Reuters article on the new budget:
“Bush's budget authorizes $717 billion in military spending between now and September 30, 2008, including $235 billion on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“Congress already has approved $427 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the budget document said.”

Bush has a losing hand in the “Iraq War” casino, and he’s about to double down with our money. Instead of the $8B a month that I was so recently boggled by, we can look forward to spending over $18B a month or $613 million a day.

Meanwhile in case you wondered where else we could be spending our collective scratch:

From a separate Reuter’s article entitled Bush seeks extra energy research funds:

“Solar America Initiative - $148 million in research with goal of making solar photovoltaic technology competitive with conventional electricity by 2015. That's versus an $83 million request for 2007.”

Does anyone else think a years worth of solar energy research should be worth more than 6 hours in Iraq?

“Vehicle efficiency - $81 million for research into advanced hybrids and plug-in hybrid vehicles.”

I honestly hope there is a zero missing from that figure. Is this how the president is backing up his use 20% less fuel by 2016 from last month’s State of the Union? Phew, and I was almost afraid he was serious about that goal.

“Biofuels Initiative - $179 million in research in producing ethanol from wood chips and switchgrass. That's versus $92 million in 2007.”

Add ‘em all up and we get $408 million in research funding…which is what we will spend in 1000 minutes in Iraq (a.k.a 0.66 days).

But wait! Never fear the Compassionate Conservative is here!
From the first Reuters article:

“Bush would squeeze $66 billion over five years in savings from Medicare and $12 billion from the Medicaid health program for the poor.”

$700+ billion for War, and who pays the price? Grandma and the kids. These budget priorities are soooo out of whack!

Nevermind our declining popularity in the world, how long will our country stand for this HoodRobin (a.k.a. reverse Robinhood) administration?

Edit 2/5/07 6pm slight clarification, news reports suggest the new budget is requesting $170B in 07 and $145B in 08 for operations in Iraq. This means we will be spending $14B/mth in 07 and $12B per month in 08 (not $18B). The conclusion remains the same.


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