Friday, April 13, 2007

A new environment

It is wonderful to see how much the political environment can change in a year. Tomorrow there is a nationwide "protest" march planned to encourage congress to do something about reducing carbon emissions in the US.

Last week there was the decision by the supreme court that the EPA can regulate CO2 emissions from cars (and other sources) under the Clean Air Act. Gore's movie graphically raised the profile of climate change to the point of a national discussion. The recently released IPCC reports confirm to those of us who have been watching, and makes the case for those who haven't, that the problem is grave and growing faster than we (scientists & society) thought just 5 years ago. Despite the diminishing but still vocal "clima-skeptic lobby" many are beginning to realize that we are in a race to save the planet...and since we are barreling down the highway in reverse gear, it is time to remove our collective feet from the accelerator.


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