Wednesday, October 17, 2007

There he goes again...

I can't believe how obnoxious it is for Bush to be talking about WW III, Iran and preventing them from having knowledge of how to make nuclear weapons all in the same breath. Holy escalating rhetoric Batman!

This is the president of the USA talking about Iran here, not the combined forces of China, India and Russia! I mean Cheney spouting off is one thing, but this rhetorical bombshell seems to very nearly be the purpose of the press conference.

While I understand the principle that we as a nation want other nations not to make nuclear weapons, I do think it is something else entirely to have as our stated goal to prevent knowledge of how to make nuclear weapons...not only is that horse out of the barn, it seems the horse died of old age 50-60 years ago.

But the other problem is that we know that the Bush administration sees things that don't exist (links between Saddam and Al Queda, Saddam's WMDs etc) and attribute motives to people we don't know (ala the only reason Saddam has WMD (and is seeking uranium) is to attack America).

Moreover since we refuse to speak to Iran even in diplomatic settings (I don't count Bush's belligerent "microphone diplomacy"--talk about the bully pulpit!), it really is not known to us what they know or don't know which in turn makes it precious difficult for us to police their knowledge.

All in all, I don't see how this advances US "interests" in the middle east.


At 1:35 PM, Blogger Michael said...

To add to your comments of "US Interests"..... For our current administration there is no real diplomactic interests, because true diplomacy means

"negotiation between nations
delicacy: subtly skillful handling of a situation
statesmanship: wisdom in the management of public affairs, or even demonstrating consideration and kindness"

And we all know, that this administration has failed miserably in all their efforts to bring "harmony" to this world. It's so frustrating.

Thanks for the blogging!


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