Friday, December 07, 2007

Kudos! House passes greener energy bill

Wow, I'm surprised Pelosi and the Democrats managed to push through the House an energy bill that mandates 35 MPG vehicles and a 15% Renewable Portfolio Standard (a mandate that utilities generate 11% of energy using renewable sources--the other 4% comes from efficiency) by 2020.

And yes the US needs to do much better than these numbers by then, but hurrah!

I'm still worried about what the Senate will do to this bill, but then I was worried about what the house would do just a couple weeks ago.
Senate Majority Leader Reed should likewise push for the whole bill, force a Republican to actually (physically--not just threaten) filibuster it. I bet there are 10 Republican senators concerned with either re-election (or their legacy--considering how many are not running again) that might break ranks to prevent a filibuster of this energy bill as it is. If the president wants to veto it, let him.
We will have a new one in 13 months.


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