Thursday, November 01, 2007

GWB is hyperventillating again

I'm continually amazed at Bush's rhetoric.

From an AP news story this evening:

"President Bush compared Congress' Democratic leaders Thursday to people who ignored the rise of Lenin and Hitler early in the last century, saying "the world paid a terrible price" then and risks similar consequences for inaction today."


Wonder if Bush has been talking with Podhoretz? From a PBS show earlier this week:

"JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, you pose several points that I want to bring to Norman Podhoretz, but, number one, this question of deterrence. If these other countries Mr. Zakaria is listing have listened to the argument to use nuclear weapons they be destroying themselves, why do you think that argument doesn't work with Iran?
NORMAN PODHORETZ: Well, I'll tell you why. First, I want to say that I think the attitude expressed by Fareed Zakaria represents an irresponsible complacency that I think is comparable to the denial in the early '30s of the intentions of Hitler that led to what Churchill called an unnecessary war involving millions and millions of deaths that might have been averted if the West had acted early enough."

Emphasis added by me.

Sounds very similar.

PS Added an Iraq Body Counter to the sidebar. Although flawed, this at least provides a lower limit on the number of Iraqi civilians killed...currently between 76,000-82,000 for those watching. Just so Bush cannot say that I'm "denying the war" if!


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