Thursday, January 03, 2008

Big wins for Obama and Huckabee in Iowa

Congratulations Barak! Wow that was a BIG win for Obama and a clear statement that America wants CHANGE. Thank you Iowans for turning out to caucus in record numbers.

As a native Chicagoan, I've been quietly supporting Barak Obama. But mainly I've been astonished at how strong the Democratic field is (I'd gladly support any of the Democratic candidates for president--I just like Barak best) and how unappealing the Republican field is. I mean Huckabee is like-able and has a good sense of humor, but zooinks! is that and some bible thumping all it takes to trounce the Republican field?

With all the excitement over Obama's candidacy, the turnout really had to happen. It did: 235k+ Democratic caucus goers! After disappointment that the youth vote wasn't enough in 2004, it looks like this time just might be different.

For the sake of America, I truly hope that Obama can keep inspiring democrats, independents, first time voters, and apparently republicans too.

Edit 11:59pm just watched Obama's victory speech (listen to the full 14 minutes--it's worth it!)...that man's got a golden tongue.

As Ezra Klein puts it: But, very rarely, [politics is] experienced as a call to create something better, bigger, grander, and more just than the world we have. When that happens, as it did with Robert F. Kennedy, the inspired remember those moments for the rest of their lives.

The tens of thousands of new voters Obama brought to the polls tonight came because he wrapped them in that experience, because he let them touch politics as it could be, rather than merely as it is. And for that, he deserved to win. And he deserves our thanks. The politician who gets the most votes merits our congratulations. But the politician who enlarges our politics and empowers more Americans to step forward into the public square deserves our gratitude. And we, in turn, deserve to permit ourselves to feel inspired, if only for a night.


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