Friday, April 16, 2010

10 days in December

So there have been a couple good headlines about solar in recent days. Two caught my eye in particular.

US grid tied PV grows 38% in 2009-- this is great news (especially given the god-awful economy in general in 2009), with a bottom line that the US installed 481 MW of new PV in 2009. California lead the country with about 46% of that.

but then I saw this:

Germany installed 3.8 GW of PV in 2009--with 1.46 GW installed in December alone!!!

Germany installed more PV in ten days in December than all the PV the US installed last year.

Keep in mind that Germany gets less sunlight than we do (except possibly in Alaska) and that December is winter in Germany, typically the slow season for installing solar.


That proves the power of the FIT!


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