Monday, November 14, 2011

Prototype 2.0

I've nearly completed the second prototype for 3D Solar's V-module.
Going forward I plan to ship the prototype to a solar test facility for performance verification.
This newest module includes:
  • open-in-back aluminum frame design (previous module was enclosed on all sides)
  • modern 6" square full cells, (the prior one used 5" half-moon cells)
  • high reflectivity thin aluminum mirrors
  • tempered glass cover which can be opened (for repair/upgrade/service)
  • use of the frame as a heat sink
Since Version 1.0 produced 25% more power per cell under STC, I expect the new version to match or possibly exceed that--due to the higher reflectivity mirrors. I'm also looking for a big improvement in thermal performance/stability relative to the standard 2D panel (and v1.0).
Mostly I just want to post a couple snaps showing off my new baby!

If the picture formatting works as planned you will see:
Side view of V-panel: cells on left with reflector on right
End view of V-panel: looking down on cells
Close up of V-panel: detail of one cell-mirror pair through glass cover


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