Tuesday, January 08, 2008

NH round to Hillary and McCain

Interesting result tonight in New Hampshire: Hillary edged out Obama and McCain pushed ahead of Romney.

The polls and pundits were wrong (again?) and it now looks like the race might not even finish on super Tuesday (Feb 5). If last week's voting was hope over experience, it seems experience caught up this week. The old guard will not yield so easily. The good thing about this is that we all have extra time to examine the candidates and become good and comfortable with our eventual choice. I'm still optimistic that Obama can pull this out, but clearly this is not, and never was, a sure thing. (despite the pundits over-reaction last week )

I'd like to learn where the polls went wrong, but clearly the Clinton machine worked for Hillary in New Hampshire. There was (I'm fairly certain) record turn out, and I hope this bodes well for getting more Americans involved in the political process.


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