Sunday, November 29, 2009

Just going for a dip "in the quagmire"?

I am afraid President Obama is about to make the first major mistake of his administration by escalating the war in Afghanistan. To begin with, the has no "national" interest in afghanistan other than to disrupt what remains of al queda (and possibly decapitate the "leadership" of the Taliban that granted al-queada sanctuary there.) I hope that I am wrong, but adding 30,000+ more troops will just lead to more death (afghan and american) and more resistance by the afghan people. Plus to the extent that US forces are able to drive any remaining Al Queda out of Afghanistan, we will be driving them into Pakistan.

Fighting "the Taliban" is like punching'd think we would have learned this over the past 8 years...only the Afghani people can control their territory in anything other than the very short term. Nation-building from scratch... It makes me sad to see Obama give in the "shoot first, don't ask questions later" crowd.


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