Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Campus cops behaving badly

If you saw last nights news, you might have seen a 15s clip of the UC Davis students sitting on the sidewalk get drenched in peperspray.

If you want to see what transpired before and after (and if you have time for an ~8 minute clip) I'd suggest watching either of the videos posted here:

I can't believe that at least 20 of UC Davis's finest doughnut patrol in full riot gear felt threatened by 10-12 students cowering on the sidewalk, but even if they did, this is no way to treat college students in the USA! It is clear that this whole "scene" could have (and should have) been avoided.


At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Green World said...

Cops behaving badly - that's no surprise. In fact, I think many of the campus cops are just real cop wannabes

At 4:12 AM, Anonymous Ambit Energy said...

They're just one of the bullies :-)


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