Monday, November 30, 2009

3D Solar panel prototype: 25% more power

I just completed a major goal of the year: to have a prototype 3D Solar panel tested by an independent testing laboratory. As long time readers know, the patent pending 3D solar panel design incorporates reflectors and simple geometry to generate more power per cell. I selected TUV-PTL in Tempe AZ to perform the prototype testing--they were very responsive and helpful as this was my first time requesting performance verification of a solar panel. TUV-PTL sent me the results just in time for Thanksgiving.

TUV-PTL tested my 3D panel side-by-side with a half-size 2D/flat panel (the rows of cells in each panel were identically manufactured--same cell type, stringing and lamination process used). Adjusting for the difference in panel size, the 3D panel produced 25.4% more power per cell! under standard test conditions than the 2D panel.

I believe this is an excellent result that demonstrates the benefit of the 3D Solar panel design.

The 3D panel uses 36 cells and produced 35.6W (0.99W/cell), while the 2D panel uses only 18 cells and produced 14.2W (0.79W/cell). The extra power per cell is due to the reflectors and geometry of the 3D panel.


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