Friday, December 14, 2012

Newtown, Ct. School Shooting

For too long I've been silent when "tragic mass shootings" have claimed innocent lives.  That stops today. 
When even first graders are targeted by mass murderers, we need to change something fundamental about our society.
We need to speak.  We need to protest.  We need to act.

This is wrong...this is beyond wrong...this needs to stop!  No more child massacres!

We need to take our communites back from the flood of firearms that have clearly overwhelmed the ability of our society to safely accomodate.  Assult rifles belong on the battlefield, not in our schools and theaters.


At 7:36 PM, Blogger Ashok Jayanthi said...

The news on school shootings always leaves a sad feeling to me. I am not in US and reside in India. I did stay in US for some time for job. From out siders perspective i have few observations to make.

US as nation has created a very free economy. Contributed a lot to innovation and development of living standards. There is no parallel to its contribution to world.
Some where down the line at individual family levels the VALUE systems got damaged. They way FAMILY is treated by the spouce and society is not logical (only my openion). We in India beleive Marriage is about making it happen. But i see in US it is more of compatability.

In my view this difference is root cause of the challenges the youngsters of US society may be facing.

Disclaimer: this is my personal openion only.


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