Thursday, November 20, 2008

Solar stocks are an incredible buy right now

I pulled up some stock charts and was amazed to see that many solar companies are down 50%-80% in the last MONTH!

As Sylvester the cat used to say "This is Ridiculous!"

So let me start (some would say continue) to pound the table. Now is a good time to buy, buy, buy! In a year or two you'll wish you had.

These are growing, profitable businesses that are getting clobbered in the credit market turmoil.

Yes there is a lot of uncertainty about both supply and demand. More silicon supply (what 85% of solar cells are made of) is coming onto the market at the same time that demand is rather uncertain because of the Global Markets Crash (and the flight to safety dollar rally).

It is my fundamental belief that demand will recover as credit markets ease and lower prices propagate along the supply chain over the coming 2-3 quarters.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who said Solar Panic?

This is apparently what a panic looks like in the solar markets!

The last two month chart for of SunTech (orange), First Solar (red), WFR (blue), and SunPower (tan).

It should be noted that these stocks are (or at least were in Q3'08) growing revenues and earnings by 30-50%+ a year. The stocks are between 65-85% below 52 week highs.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes Yes Yes Obama!

I am so proud of Barack Obama!

He called on all of us to choose hope over fear. He campaigned consistently on the message of change AND unity. And WE listened and voted in record numbers for him!

My faith in America has been renewed.

It won't be easy, but President-elect Barack Obama has shown us how WE THE PEOPLE--as one nation, inspite of our many historic divisions--can come together and place the good of the whole country above the powerful few who endlessly sow seeds of discontent.

Today marks a "new dawn", I hope we all get up early and work hard to make the comings days America's best days ever!

Some Historic! headlines here.

At first I supported Barack, because he had nothing to lose by running.
Then I became more enthusiastic as I discovered that Barack was inspiring so many others to want the same thing that I want for America's future: ending the Iraq war--which should never have started; using smart diplomacy before using "smart" bombs; using science to inform politics, rather than using politics to infect science; that the constitution should be defended not deleted; that a growing middle class IS good for america, not growing the wealth of the Forbes 400; that renewables are the solution to our energy woes, not the problem!

This was the January night that I decided that Obama could go all the way! (even though I trouble spelling his name *sigh*).

Saturday, November 01, 2008


I thought this was a clever video: Make History!

It made me smile.

Before the clip was even over, I wrote Make History on my calendar...

We can make history, but it will take all of us getting our butts to the polls.