Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Campus cops behaving badly

If you saw last nights news, you might have seen a 15s clip of the UC Davis students sitting on the sidewalk get drenched in peperspray.

If you want to see what transpired before and after (and if you have time for an ~8 minute clip) I'd suggest watching either of the videos posted here:

I can't believe that at least 20 of UC Davis's finest doughnut patrol in full riot gear felt threatened by 10-12 students cowering on the sidewalk, but even if they did, this is no way to treat college students in the USA! It is clear that this whole "scene" could have (and should have) been avoided.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Prototype 2.0

I've nearly completed the second prototype for 3D Solar's V-module.
Going forward I plan to ship the prototype to a solar test facility for performance verification.
This newest module includes:
  • open-in-back aluminum frame design (previous module was enclosed on all sides)
  • modern 6" square full cells, (the prior one used 5" half-moon cells)
  • high reflectivity thin aluminum mirrors
  • tempered glass cover which can be opened (for repair/upgrade/service)
  • use of the frame as a heat sink
Since Version 1.0 produced 25% more power per cell under STC, I expect the new version to match or possibly exceed that--due to the higher reflectivity mirrors. I'm also looking for a big improvement in thermal performance/stability relative to the standard 2D panel (and v1.0).
Mostly I just want to post a couple snaps showing off my new baby!

If the picture formatting works as planned you will see:
Side view of V-panel: cells on left with reflector on right
End view of V-panel: looking down on cells
Close up of V-panel: detail of one cell-mirror pair through glass cover